Analyzing The American Express Green Card For 2022

In 2019, American Express revamped the Green Card, elevating it to potentially being the most rewarding card for frequent flyers who are most interested in collecting Membership Rewards and would prefer to use a single card for all their travel-related expenditures. This card emphasizes generous cash-back rewards and comprehensive travel insurance coverage for cardholders in place of perks like free checked bags and access to exclusive lounges.

The American Express Green Card's most notable perk is the generous rate of return on dining and travel expenses. Membership Rewards point earnings and the breadth of spending categories in which those points can be earned are the highest of any American Express card and among the most competitive travel credit card.

Should You Get The Amex Green Card?

When you establish an American Express® Green Card account and spend $2,000 during the first six months, you'll receive 40,000 bonus points. With this product, you may earn three points for every dollar spent on travel, restaurants, and public transportation, making it a prime candidate for a journey rewards credit card. Trains, taxis, rideshare services, ferries, tolls, parking, buses, and subways are all businesses that fall under the umbrella term "transit," which is a unique classification.

How To Gain Amex Green Card Points

If you're a regular traveller, the Amex Green Card's straightforward yet potent rewards system is for you. You'll receive three Amex Membership for every $1 spent on the following.

  • Restaurants (including takeout and delivery) (including takeout and delivery)
  • Travel
  • Transit (including trains, buses, ferries, subway, and more)
  • You'll accumulate 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases.

Advantages And Disadvantages?


  • This credit card has a generous point system for common spending categories like restaurants and vacations.
  • A credit of $189 is available to cardholders who join CLEAR and use LoungeBuddy.
  • Spend $2,000 in the first six months after opening an account and get a hefty welcome bonus of 45,000 Membership Rewards points.
  • There are no fees for purchases made abroad with this card.


  • Although the first year is free, subsequent years will still cost you $150 annually.
  • The annual fee is exorbitant compared to others in the same market.

How Much Are The Benefits Worth?

According to the most recent appraisals by The Points Guy, American Express Membership Rewards are some of the most valuable points you can earn, with an average redemption value of 2 cents per point.

The Amex Membership Rewards programme offers cardholders a lot of leeway in how and when they redeem their points, making it more adaptable than other reward systems. Facts are most valuable when purchasing alternatives when each point is worth at least one cent.

Extra Benefits For Cardholders

Whether or whether they travel frequently, American Express Green Card holders may make good use of the card's many valuable features. The primary benefits of this card are that it can safeguard recent transactions made with the card and even save you money in the event of a mishap with your vacation plans.

Incentives To Travel

You can save time waiting in security lines at some airports and other locations with the help of the annual $189 credit toward a CLEAR membership that comes with the Amex Green Card. You may take advantage of this deal because the annual fee of a CLEAR membership is only $179. In addition, American Express's Platinum Card® can provide you with a credit of up to $189 to help offset the price.

Assistance For Safe Travel

Access to a Global Assist hotline and secondary auto rental insurance are two travel precautions included with this card. You will also receive a baggage insurance policy that will compensate you up to $1,250 for lost carry-on items and up to $500 for lost checked items when transported by a common carrier.

Obtain Advantages

In the event of loss or damage, cardholders are covered for up to $1,000 per incident and up to $50,000 per card member per year in purchases. In addition, Amex provides additional coverage for products that already have a manufacturer's warranty.


When planning a trip, the American Express® Green Card* is the best option for the frequent flier who wants a single credit card that earns the most Membership Rewards points in the most common categories of travel spending. Benefits include a $100 LoungeBuddy credit and a $189 annual credit toward a CLEAR membership. Additional travel protections are available through American Express, such as coverage for lost or damaged rental cars, trip delays, and lost luggage. It's recommended that regular fliers who are looking to optimize their benefits seek this card.

(Writer : Triston Martin)