Ways to Earn Benefits from Your AmEx Blue Cash Preferred Card

Make the grocery store your mall, pay for streaming with the card, and use it daily to get to and from work. The Blue Card from American Express has been a favourite for a long time because it gives the best cashback in the industry at U.S. supermarkets. It also gives you 6% cash back on some U.S. streaming services, 3% cash back on public transportation and gas stations in the U.S., and 1% cash back on everything else. There is order. It costs money: $0 for the first year and $95 for each year after that. If you use the card a lot, the rewards should pay for the card more than once a year. Here's how to get the most out of this card so you can earn enough to pay the annual fee and much more.

Advice On How To Get The Most Out Of The Blue Card

Use The Supermarket As Your Shopping Centre

The American Express Cash Favored Card gives 6 percent cash back on the very first $5,999 you spend yearly at U.S. supermarkets. After that, you get 1% back in cash. There is order. Cardholders with big or hungry families may not have trouble getting the most out of their 6% rewards. However, if you spend less than $100 weekly at the grocery store, you can still get the most out of these rewards by treating the store like a mall.

Use This Card To Buy Movies And Music

Switch to the Blue Cash PreferredĀ® Card from American Express for your streaming needs. This includes Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Pandora, and much more. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better payment card than one that gives you 6% cash back. There is order. This card will save you even more money if you plan to cut the cord and switch from cable to streaming services.

You Can Use This Card To Buy Gas And More.

This is one of the best credit cards for gas because it gives you a lot of cash back at gas stations in the U.S. To get the most out of the account, you might want to make every driver in the house an authorized user. If you buy gas at a warehouse club, superstore, or supermarket, ensure you get a 3% better deal. For this card, these places don't count as gas stations. But saving money on gas isn't the only reason to ride the bus. The 3% cash back also works for ridesharing, tolls, taxis, buses, trains, and parking.

Every Other Purchase

Even if you don't buy something in one of the highlighted categories, you'll still get 1% cash back. Even if 1 percent doesn't seem like much, it can add up quickly. You can get rewards using your Blue Cash Preferred to wage for water and electricity bills. For example, if you use this card to pay $500 in bills, you can get a small amount of cashback with very little work.

Best Ways to Cash in Your Points

Once you have $25 worth of rewards points, you can use them to get a credit on your bill. The only other options for redemption are gift cards and merchandise, which isn't as many as with some other credit card rewards programs. The best way to use your rewards and increase what you can buy is to turn them into a statement credit.

Best Credit Cards to Use With the Blue Cash Preferred

Since the AmEx Blue Card has reasonable cashback rates on United States supermarket purchases, excellent U.S. transit, U.S. gas station purchases, and streaming subscriptions, it may make sense to pair it with a flat-rate cashback card for all other spendings. For example, Chase Freedom Unlimited gives 1.5% cash back on all purchases and doesn't charge an annual fee. This means you could use this card for all purchases that aren't in a specific category and earn 0.5% more than with the Blue Cash Preferred.

The Citi Double Cash Card is another great card to pair with other cards. You get 1% cash back when you buy something and 1% cash back when you pay off your balance. This means you don't have to keep up with changing categories or promotions, and it encourages you to pay off the amount every month. Also, there is no fee each year.

In Conclusion

The Amex Blue Cash Preferred has a sound cash-back reward system for everyday purchases. By following the tips above, both big and small households can get rewards for using this card which they would probably spend the money on anyway.

(Writer : Triston Martin)